Kill NOISE Then Make NOISE – Eliminate Distractions

New Year, new you, right?

“Silence the noise around you” is something that many have been told but what does it mean? In this situation, “noise” is any and all distractions. As an entrepreneur, silencing the noise is vital as distractions greatly disrupt your focus and ability to work efficiently.

Give these few tips and tricks a try in an effort to minimize the noise around you, increase efficiency, and continue on your entrepreneurial journey.


Give yourself direction by setting goals that are measurable and achievable with increasing difficulty. These goals do not have to be purely monetarily based. Small wins equate to big wins!

In addition to the traditional idea of setting goals for what needs to be done, set goals on what NOT to do also.

Learn to say ‘NO’

It’s ok, give it a shot. Say ‘NO’ aloud. As entrepreneurs, we are excited to take each and every opportunity but this spreads us extremely thin. This applies to opportunities of all shapes and sizes. Evaluate opportunities to better understand if they help you achieve your large goals.

Eliminate multitasking

Turn off your phone, close those tabs, feed the dog, and unplug the TV. Would you rather complete one task at 100% of five tasks at 20%? Just like you shouldn’t text a drive, don’t text and entrepreneur.

Reward yourself

Wins small and large should never go unnoticed. Don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work equal to the achievement. These rewards could be one of your original distractions. Treat. Yo. Self

Surround yourself with good people

Most importantly, surround yourself with good people (mentors, cofounders, team members, friends, colleagues). The reason this is so important is because those around you can have the larges impact on your success or lack thereof.

Questions or additions? Comment below.

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