Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Everyday I am excited to sit down before cutting my computer off to post content to this microblog or various social outlets as I reflect on the day and share a small tidbit of entrepreneurial wisdom and insights.

How do you overcome your fears? Do you meet them head on, avoid them, or slowly acclimate to them?

There are many ways to overcome, learn, and gain experience by putting yourself in situations that you fear or make you uncomfortable. I know, I know it is much easier said then done.

A great example of an uncomfortable situation to many is public speaking. It seems as if individuals are naturally hesitant to speak in front of groups of any size, especially large groups.

How do the best public speakers become the best? Many of them will provide you with similar answers. These answers revolve around practicing in a mirror, to small trusted groups, or repetition. Much like learning to write your name, shoot a basketball, or write a blog, your goal is to improve each and every time that you perform said task because you are never the best after your first try. Put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable, learn from them, and implement what you learned the next time around.

Do not fear failure. Be excited by the opportunity to fail and learn from your failures as you continue to develop as an entrepreneur.

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