Hard Days Work

When thinking about the #AllDayENT microblog, realizing how fulfilling a hard days work is came top of mind.

You know the feeling, right?

Not only is it important to realize the success that you achieve but also the importance to continue to understand why so you have the opportunity to replicate actions, repeat success, and continue to build on it.

When deconstructing successful days there are two common themes that I come across:

1. Being prepared with a plan

2. Executing the plan while staying flexible to tend to urgent needs and maintaining discipline to get back on track.

Nothing revolutionary, right? Actively thinking of these points continue to keep you aware of daily goals and the plan that was put in place. Would you have guessed that this tied back to goal setting and staying the course? It is an underlying theme to many successful outcomes and will continue to be. Set goals hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and so on to keep yourself motivated with the eye on the prize.

TRY THIS: Wake up 10-minutes early. Before looking at your phone, pull out a pen and paper and write out what you plan to achieve for the day, how you plan to do it, and mentally align the days activities and tasks to your goals.

Don’t forget that FRIDAY is 20% of a traditional workweek. To entrepreneurs it is just another day. Don’t let the norm of Friday’s being a relaxed day overpower your desire to be great. Work harder while everyone else takes their foot off the gas. Invest in your success with a full day worth of hard work.

Questions or additions? Comment below.

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