Stay the course! #entrepreneurship #motivation #startup

Staying the course is simple to say. Actually staying the course is a true challenge, no matter your profession.

We all have seen the images that depict the expected trajectory of an entrepreneur being linear, when it in fact turns in to a jumbled mess of intersecting lines, loops, swoops, and zags. That’s why it is so challenging to stay the course because we don’t know when or where the next turn is.

If you are having trouble staying the course, first make sure there is an obtainable goal for which you will construct a path to achieve.

Along the way there will be bumps in the path that will attempt to throw you off, distract you, or totally derail your journey. This journey will never be linear, the entrepreneur will need to be dynamic. Being dynamic will allow you to bend rather than breaking during challenging times.

Analyze your path. See where you have come from to better understand where you are going. Don’t walk blindly, learn from your trek and implement what you have learned along the way to smooth the road ahead.

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